Monday, July 25, 2011

CG Studiomap - location based CG fun!

As you know by know - I am all for building our beautiful motion graphic/animation/VFX community and I recently stumbled accross a fun way of doing that - the CG Studio map. - click here to have a play and add your studio or service

Created in 2010, is a map-based website aimed at gathering and sharing information on CG studios worldwide. This new generation tool was developed by professional members of the CG and web development communities, focusing efforts on user friendly interfaces.

At the moment there 1757 studios in the database, from all different countries around the world - virtual reality in Uruguay, I hear you say? no problem - just contact 3ymedio...  There are only 88 companies listed in Greater London - so I'm sure most of you have not added your name already.

The other thing I liked is that you can browse not only by general area, eg "animation" but also by software skill, eg cinema 4d, Maya etc team is comprised of :
Jordi Riera - founder and manager of PR - who also works at MPC in London.  Laurent Ripoche, project lead, and admin, Thomas Pinaud, main web developer, HervĂ© Greme in charge of  design and ergonomics.

Have a play, don't delay!

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