Friday, June 3, 2011

Crysis 2 Trailers from Vincent

I recently met with Rheea Aranha  - one half of Vincent in conjunction with John Hill.

They have plenty of previous form by way of supplying motion graphics for movies such as Tombraider, Thunderbirds, Quantum Of Solace and Terminator 3 as well as broadcast TV work for Kemistry, RedBee and the BBC  - and most recently are working on the new Alien film.  From looking at their site what struck me is their varied skill set (eg Live action, VFX, Script writing, Editing, 2D & 3D animation, Game play capture, branding strategy etc)  and how they get to deploy them on their projects.

 Now that computers and consoles have got more juice under the bonnet they can render an impressive amount of polygons in real time (known as your “polygon budget”, for those who don’t know...)  This means that the visual quality is getting up there with Hollywood-budget animations - along with this comes higher quality direction of photography and soundtrack. 

Consequently when a trailer or a sting need to be made to promote the game - these values need to be very high as well.  And while I don’t have comparative figures for a new film release, three million hits on their Crysis 2 trailer in three days seems pretty good to me!

Here is a very excitable trailer for Crysis2 a high end first person shooter that came out recently - with a satisfying "inadvisable to show to children" label...

The game’s producer Crytek was very clear about the graphic style and quality in the trailer being a true simulacrum of what the real game experience would be. (how often have we seen flashy trailers for games that bear no resemblance to the game play...) The teams creating the trailers only normally get the latest version possible of the graphic style to work to, although the trailers mostly come out many months in advance of the finished game.
I look forward to seeing what they come up with next....

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