Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pryce Duncalf - Megamax idents

Redbee recently approached Pryce Duncalf, a freelance motion graphics director, to work on Megamax, a new Hungarian children’s channel owned by Chello Central Europe and is targeted at boys aged 8 to 12.  They wanted to create four idents (DJ, Race, Yoyo and Gamer), involving two robotic characters called ‘I-ron’ and ‘Spark-e’ to represent the channel.

The timeframe was tight, so this job required frequent communication from all people involved.  Simon Graham and Claire Powell were the Red Bee designers working on the concept. Simon had already created a mockup of the characters in 3D which helped get the project off to a good start.  As he worked on developing the characters, Chello were very prompt in replying with positive feedback. 
Megamax DJ

Pryce told me it was especially satisfying for him as he had done much more in the way of motion design and less in the way of character design before - so this was a good addition to his skillset
Megamax ident - The Race

He also explained: We decided that the best way to approach the animation was to split the workload down the middle, so Simon and I would animate two idents each.  Once I had finished modelling and rigging the characters, I passed them over to Simon to start animation while I finished modelling jetbikes, doors, corridors, etc.  Simons Dj and Gamer idents were quickly signed off along with my Yoyo ident, leaving me with the laborious task of rendering and comping the race ident, a gruelling process, but definitely worth the effort.  Despite that it  was a surprisingly smooth process, leaving Red Bee and myself stunned by the enthusiastic response of the client.  We are all looking forward to creating more of these idents in the future."

Design director - Claire Powell, Designer/animator -  Simon Graham, Character development / Modelling / Animation - Pryce Duncalf, Production manager - Jennifer Wettone, Account manager - Ursula Capell-Helm

Intriguingly his next project is a short film about Ninjas & aliens - so, I look forward to that as I havn't seen that combination of genres before...

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