Thursday, April 21, 2011

Promax Europe - Berlin 2011 Ident winners

I would, or course, be mad to try and report on ALL the winners at PROMAX Europe, which happened in Berlin last week - as there are so many categories now (some would say too many..). Instead I thought I would show the Gold winners of the "On air ident" categories as well as a personal favourite of mine. You can see all the winners here

Velvet Design in Germany won Gold for re-branding Greece's Mega TV channel in the "Best On-air Branding Design" category.

I think it is very playful & imaginative and has lots of ways to evolve in the future.
credits: client: mega channel, greece; agency:; director: matthias zentner; creative director: martin kett and matthias zentner; art directors/design: iris engler and stefanie reinhart; illustration and animation: gregoire barfety, janett bergner, iris engler, nils engler, katharina lebsak, marko pfann, stefanie reinhart and monika rohner; dop:torsten lippstock.; producers: gustaf richter and stefan mueller;

meanwhile ViaSat creative in London won Gold for "Best on-air ident (in house) for their Explorer channel

(sorry I couldn't get the credits for this - but I couldn't find them on either Vimeo or their YouTube channel - if anybody wants to send them along to me I will post them up)

  As for my two favourites - one I have featured on the blog recently (T4 Robots by Double G Studios) and this one -  a Gold winner in the Best Public Service Announcement category - something called “Hunting moon”, made for the Malaria No More charity.

Richard Sutton at RedBee told me a bit more about this interesting promotional idea. Although the budget was tight lots of people got involved in this project for creative resons and they ended up making a trailer for a fictional movie.

As we all know the trailer has all the best bits in and sets up the question - “what will happen in the end...?”  Well, in this case nothing, as there is no movie, but the moody graphic style and the good looking actors certainly make you pay attention - enough to make you visit the website

Once you are there of course, you find out that they are a charity helping to fight malaria.  Personally I thought this was a great way to involve young people in a fairly dry subject - certainly something that dosn’t come up in conversation much in our temperate climate.

Director - Robbie Samuels, Creative Director - charlie mawer, Logo & graphic design - Richard Sutton, Producer - Anne-Marie Small

Happy Easter everyone!

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Simon said...

According to Promax' website, the Viasat Exploer idents should be credited to cd Simon Mitchell, ad Suzette Janczykowski and an animator named Konstantin Nikolov, all three from Viasat Creative London.