Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dan Capstick - Freelance motion graphics

I first heard of Dan when he was at English & Pockett some years ago.  We recently caught up so he could tell me about some of his recent projects.  He started off as a D&AD "new blood" in 1999 and went to work at Static 2358 and since then has freelanced at places like Kemistry, Turquoise, ISO, Man V's Machine & Tilt.

More recently he was tasked with working on the BBC Knowledge rebrand.  Knowledge is one of the BBC's global channels which repackages the best of their factual shows.

BBC KNOWLEDGE OSP from Daniel Capstick on Vimeo.
The channel positioning was 'liberating knowledge' - hence the varied executions of light and particles emitting from the orange orb.  It was Dan's task to put the OSP attributes together eg menus, logo stings etc
credits: Design/direction:Dan Capstick, additional animation:David Todman, Cr Dir BBC Worldwide, Gary Sinclair, production house:TILT

Many people know that Turquoise provide a lot of branding and graphics for Saudi Arabia's STV.  Dan was given the brief to come up with a new look for their economy program.  The only constraints were that he had to use a black background and use the bright neon colours.  (note: most of the shows on their channel use this house style, which I think gives a very modern aesthetic to what used to be a very traditional channel - you can see some other examples I posted previously here
STV Economy channel ident from Daniel Capstick on Vimeo.
He told me that the look of this sequence is: "Loosely based around global stock markets - each bar in the graph represents a commodity & how it goes up & down.  Again all of the STV output does not allow representations of people, so they always have to have a very graphic solution.  It was particularly satisfying to manage the design, compositing and render all by myself and be very self contained." All I can say is that I wish UK economics programs looked so cool - it reminded me more of the sort of graphics you get inside night clubs rather than TV branding - maybe STV will start a late night ravers channel..? (maybe not).
credits: direction, composition/animation: Dan Capstick, production house: Turquoise
You can see Dan's latest work here

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