Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beakus - because they are great at animation...

Recently my attention was drawn by Matthias Hoegg’s BAFTA nominated film – Thursday, which has already has been screened widely across Europe, Asia and the Americas.  So I decided to go to the Beakus  animation studio in sunny Wapping to see what was going on.

I was met by Matthias and owner of Beakus, Steve Smith.   Although it is a relatively young company - Steve learned his chops at Trunk before he set up on his own.

They showed me their latest commissions for CBeebies - 4 x 60 second spring-themed animations. I advise caution when you are watching them - I have included one here,  - as they are all super cute and you will want to watch them all a few times! (you can watch the other three on their Vimeo channel)

I think on of the reasons they have proved so popular is that thet audio consists of children speaking, unscripted, (Creature Comfort’s style) and Matthias has animated some beautiful interpretations of their imagination. He also confided in me that he had been influenced by legendary Russian animator Yuriy Norshteyn - amazing guy, a must for animation fans.Each one took 3-4 weeks to make.

This one is Ollie and his pet rabbits....

I have also included Matthias’ BAFTA nominated short called “Thursday” - there has already been loads written about this film, so I won’t repeat it all here - Just to say that it takes it’s influenced from very structured patterns - quilts, American style city blocks and those patterns you get on the seats in London Underground trains - which I really like. you can find out more by reading this detailed post from Motionographer here  and Matthias' own site here

 What's next for these guys? What sounds like a very interesting project - working on a seven minute section of a feature length animated biography of Monty Python's Graham Chapman - a total of 20 animators, no less.

My advice is to check out Beakus and their other directors as they seem to be on their game right now...
Leo Bridle, Matthias Hoegg, Leigh Hodgkinson, Bluna, Steve Smith and Sarah Orenstein.

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