Friday, March 25, 2011

Double G Studios - T4 & Discovery idents

Double G first came to my attention with their work on the  Canal+ sports channel last year with some beautiful blurry sports people that looked a bit like a Francis Bacon painting.

Recently they have done some very fun T4 Robot idents for Channel 4’s teen strand and some very clean and cool logo animation for Discovery - so I thought it was time to pay a visit...

It turns out Grant Gilbert - the namesake of the two G’s - started out on the Big Breakfast doing fast and furious disposable graphics on things like Fax & phone boards (Fax? - what’s that...?)  He then went on to work at Channel 4’s creative dept and now has his own studio...

Unusually the idea for the  T4 idents came from a stag-do at Bestival -   Tom Robinson, lead designer on the project, said that him and his mates were dressed like robots and found that loads of people wanted to take photos with them.  So, when the brief came in from C4 to find a way of connecting with teenagers - he had the idea of recreating them onscreen.

He explained to me that the most important thing was that these were not hi-tech robots, but recognisable as people inside various cardboard boxes & tubes - something that everyone could join in with.  Obviously with a bit of clever digital jiggery pokery they get to do some cool stuff too.

What’s even more amazing is that all 20 of these 7” clips were created in only one month from start to finish, and that they had only one day to shoot the live action.  All the 3D was done in house, and I think that you don’t have to be an expert in production schedules to figure that they were going at it hammer and tongs to get it all done.

The personality of each robot was enhanced through costume design, choreography and their relationship with the new 3d logos. Here's a mash up from the 20

and here is an individual one let you see what they are like on TV...

I think they hit the right spot - a good balance of an engaging idea, that could be realised relatively cheaply.  Apparently they have had over a million views of these on Vimeo since they posted them in February...
credits: Creative Director: Grant Gilbert, Director: Tom Robinson, Art Director: Nigel Howlett, DOP: Luke Scott, producer Gwilym Gwillim, offline Xavier Perkins, 3D: Double G Studios, Stephen Ross/Tom Robinson /Winston Henry

Even more recently Double G were hired by Discovery to make seven x 3” break bumpers - the idea was to unify the OSP with the idents.

Part of the Discovery brief was that “the content is the brand” - so they worked out a way to change the content within the logo.  This meant they could give them a kit of parts that they could update over time.  As they are only 3 secs long, it’s good to have this compilation.  Personally I welcome this evolution of their logo, in a really modern satisfying way.

credits: all 3D & post: Double G studios, animator Stephen Ross

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