Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Darkroom - extraordinary live motion graphic events

The Darkroom is a motion graphics company with many amazing performances to their name.  Unlike most motionographers who appear on this blog, they get to show their creations in front of large live audiences.  They specialise in putting on amazing shows during live events.

They started off in Auckland New Zealand and then moved to London in 2009.  This proved to be a smart move as they are obviously talented enough to get bigger & better jobs.  They ran two offices - Auckland London for a while, but now they are London based full-time.  The team is comprised of Bruce Ferguson, Emma Wolf, Nick Meikle & Shaun Madgwick

What I think is exciting about their type of projects is that not only do they get to come up with creative graphic design for clients, but they then have a whole bunch of options of how to show it.  According to the venue (& budget) it maybe in 360 surround, or projected on a dome or in this example onto a car.

Most recently they worked with London agency Flourish and created a projection-mapped-reveal for the new Bentley Continental GT.  What you are seeing here is the actual car with all the lights mapped on to it - not some CGi construct.

A little bit older, but still amazing is their 360 degree wall of fashion visuals and motion graphics for the Australian release of Grazia fashion magazine. Synchronized sound and live visual mixing on the night by the Dub Module.  This is definitely one party I would have liked to have been invited to...

These are only a couple of examples, but I urge you to go and look at the others on their site.

The other nice thing is that they can enjoy immediate feedback from the audience as they are taken on this audio visual journey.  Although these events look amazing second hand via these video clips, I cannot wait to be invited to a live event to see something in the flesh - ready when you are, guys.....

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