Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dexter Promo by Creative Nuts

I must confess that I am a complete sucker for anything involving ink in water - on it's most basic level you just get a nice bowl of water and slowly drop ink in to create these amazingly complex cloud-scapes.  The guys have Creative Nuts have taken this to a very high level with a promo they did for the American show called Dexter on the SOny AXN channel in Germany.

As you may or may not know Dexter is a psychopathic killer with a very outwardly normal appearance.  The brief called for something that would show his dark & twisted character, but would also be suitable for daytime airplay.  The idea of drawing on the Rorschach tests gives it a certain ambiguity - which, if you know the show, also suits Dexter's character.

Although influenced by the Gnarls Barkley "Crazy" vid - I think this is a lot finer in it's visual aesthetic - less obviously CGi - and let's face it it looks like it's got the Donnie Darko rabbit in it - so it get's my vote! Something about the German VO that makes it a bit more scary too....

I was surprised when I found out it was mostly real ink and water - as I assumed there would be a plug-in for that sort of thing by now.  They also filmed themselves with various knives and their faces - and then did many many layers. However it was done - I think it looks ace.

director: Chloe brooks, producer: Nathan leigh-horrocks, animatior - David Blair

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