Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Terminator promo for Canal+ by Steve Hore

I thought this was a fun concept, executed by freelancer Steve Hore whilst at BDA.  The results were achieved by shooting a scale model bought from a comic store, enhanced with dramatic lighting and some digital spit and polish.

It was for a  teaser campaign for a Terminator movie marathon, and helped deliver Canal+'s biggest movie audience for 2010. It explores the sinister concept of Cyberdyne - (Terminator's manufacturers in the film) actually marketing your own execution to you through a series of slick commercials designed to make their products look desirable.

I also found out in the course of doing this post that there is a guy who blogs on French channel branding, and has a blog at : http://blog.lenodal.com.  He has a post for this Terminator spot as well here - so brush up your French and take a look at what our Gallic cousins are upto - now everybody after me “le fromage de ma tante et dans le chien de ma soeur....”

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