Thursday, December 16, 2010

No More Milk - Dan Heaver and Dan Saunders

I am constantly fascinated by all the side projects that motion graphics creative folk get up to  - and I will attempt to report on them as much as I can.  This time Dan Heaver and Dan Saunders - collectively known as “Dan Squared Films”, have made a charming short starring Margaret John called “No More Milk”

Margaret, who is better known as the foul mouthed Doris in Gavin and Stacey gives a  touching portrayal of Cleo, a woman living in all times but the present.  They used Bon Iver's haunting 'Wolves (Act I and II)' as a soundtrack.

No More Milk from dan saunders on Vimeo.

I like it because they have  set up the story in a way that makes you understand and sympathise with the main character very quickly.  Considering it was all done on a shoestring budget, I think it all looks very classy.
The film has already made the official selection at the PROMAX short film festival as well as 8th London Short Film Festival (7th – 16th January 2011). Music & Video screening, to take place at the Roxy Bar & Screen on Saturday 15th January 2011, 4pm.

Here’s a bit more from their press release:
Dan Heaver is a freelance director, creative, copywriter and veg expert. He's worked on promos, commercials and copy for brands including Innocent Drinks, the Discovery Channel, and BskyB. To date, he's picked up ten Promax awards across the globe.

Dan Saunders would've been a Welsh rugby star if his knees were up to scratch. As it is, he's an award winning freelance director and art director who's worked on accounts for, BskyB, Kemistry and DAD. As well as 3 years in the US working on accounts for Discovery Channel, HBO and Nat Geo.

Dan and dan met at BskyB where their interest in melancholy and pensioners drew them together. They are currently working on their next project which promises to be just as cheerful as No More Milk.

Produced & written& directed:dan heaver & Dan Saunders,DOP: Huw Walters, Music: Bon Iver

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