Monday, December 6, 2010

MIE, Faithless and beautiful animation

I recently had a chat with Joe Marshall and discovered that he was working with one of my favourite up’n’coming animators Yibi Hu.  They have both worked for the likes of RedBee and English & Pockett, and now they have created an animation studio called MIE with the aim producing high quality animation and stories in 2D, 3D, live action, and stop motion.  They also work in illustration and fine art whenever possible.

  I knew EB’s work from his amazing film - Josie’s LaLa land - an incredibly sad but beautiful animated short film based on the true story of Josie Grove, who died of leukaemia at the age of 14.

Josie's Lalaland from MIE on Vimeo.
I then found out that they had recently done a second animated opus for one of my favourite pop/club hybrids  - Faithless.  In my opinion this is a real tour de force - a track, cheekily called “Tweak Your Nipple”
Faithless "Tweak Your Nipple" from MIE on Vimeo.
you can see more visual details for this vid here

More recently George Michael asked them to re-do an animation they did for him for "December Song" in 3-D - (previously in 2D). It's not my taste musically (a bit like a cup of tea with 15 sugars...)but, for a bit of seasonal cheer - here it is

George Michael - December Song from MIE on Vimeo.

Great work, I'm sure you'll agree - Keep it up chaps!

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