Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas good cheer from Uncle Shriek...

Well, in this final frantic moment before we all run off for our season’s meetings - I thought I would have a bit of fun and show you my list off oddities and one offs that I didn’t manage to make into individual posts throughout the year.  There is simply too much stuff going on out there!  If I’d been writing a magazine and maybe had some staff working with me - we could have looked at all sorts of trends in design and motion design.

For most businesses it has been a bit of a roller coaster year, but in writing this post, I am reminded that if you are not creating things for your own amusement, then it would be a very sad life indeed!

I will be writing a review of 2010 in Jan, with some quotes and points of view from various creative directors from the motion graphics industry - until then thanks to everybody for their continued support and have a cool yule...

A designer named Alex Varanese set himself a bizarre project to  re-imagine four common products from 2010 as if they were designed in 1977: an mp3 player, a laptop, a mobile phone and a handheld video game system. He then created a series of fictitious but stylistically accurate print ads to market them, as well as a handful of abstract posters

you can see the rest of his creations here

Next up is an equally nutty idea of imagining a low resolution PAC MAN game, but instead of using pixels he used humans in coloured tops.

French-Swiss artist Guillaume Reymond created this stop-motion video showing Pac-Man being played at a movie theater in Switzerland recently. The project had 111 patient volunteers sit, shift, and change shirts over the course of more than four hours.
This is the fifth video in Reymond’s GAME OVER project, in which he recreates classic arcade games with humans as pixels. See more here (including Pong, Space Invaders & Tetris).

I don't know if all these things really exist outside photoshop - but they look really fun...Go to this Funny & creative design link to see the rest of the ideas..

I think Vimeo is a great organisation - a classier and more professional cousin of YouTube .They also have an awards competition  - and this is the winner of the motion graphics category  - unfortunately I couldn't get any details on this guy - I tried email him but got no reply...if anyone knows anything about him I would love to hear it!  I think this is pure graphics porn - no problem with that - but I would have liked some sort of narrative ideas to lift it a bit - just my feeling...

Triangle by Onur Senturk music by robin[THE]bank from Ayumi Hatai on Vimeo.
FInally a slightly, ahem, cheeky video for Sebastian Tellier's song “look” made by artists & illustrators Mrzyk & Moriceau - the same guys responsible for the stunning "Sing Sang Sung" music video for Air.   I think this is amazing because it relies on a very simple style, no expensive effects, but tells a sort of story in a very hypnotic way - I would love somebody to use this technique in branding....

SĂ©bastien Tellier - Look from Record Makers on Vimeo.

so - I hope you enjoy these little titbits.  Finally thanks to all my readers for all the support and messages of encouragement - it's always good to know I'm not alone!  Happy Holidays.

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