Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wyld Stallions

I had the pleasure of an introduction with Wyld Stallions recently off the back of their See no Evil talk - and went to see them in their studio in the Barbican area.

Comprised of Jason Arber, Chris Sayer, Natalie Busuttil and Janey Robinson, they started life in 2006, and currently do a mixture of web, advertising, film and idents projects.

More recently they have become known for all their VFX work on Matthew Vaughn’s highly rated Kick Ass movie.  There are not many companies of Wyld Stallion's stature that get to work on such a high end movie like this - so how did they do it?  It turns out that Chris knew the VFX director, who got them involved.

Kick Ass Night Vision sequence - Wyld Stallions from Tim Rabjohns on Vimeo.

He told me, it was a great experience as well as a good CV booster. They had to simulate screens on mobile phones, simulated CCtv, websites, sat nav and all kinds of mostly unnoticed but essential graphic type stuff as well as the more glamourous things like the night vision fight scene that happens in the dark. However with a nine month workload - a lot of which was not budgeted for - it was certainly a labour of love.
As I am a fan of stop motion I have included their quirky Hardy’s wine sequence - it turns out that they are fans of Jan Svankmajer  and Brothers Quay  (as am I!) - and you can see a bit of their influence here.

Hardys original from Tim Rabjohns on Vimeo.

I have also included their slightly sinister work on an MTV Top 10 count down.  I personally love this kind of grainy/sinister style - reminds me of The League of Gentlemen . A great antidote to all the anodyne shiney graphincs you get on TV these days.  This was done on title sequence budget, but as they loved the idea they over delivered on this one as well! - Note - prospective clients - don’t get any funny ideas...

MTV Top 10 - Wyld Stallions from Tim Rabjohns on Vimeo.

There is loads more to see from these highly creative minds on their website - definitely worth a poke around when you have time.

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