Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Klaxons - "Twin Flames" (Partizan, Absolute & Blind Pig)

Well it’s not often that I see a music video that holds my attention in the way that this one did.  Sure there is nudity in it - (normally a guaranteed reason to get people’s fingers twitching on the pause button!) but this video had me transfixed in a different way. 

I was assured by someone at Partizan that the director Saam Farahmand was not influenced by The Chapman Brother’s work, but there are some strong similarities  for sure!  I don’t mean that as a critism, it only makes it more awesome what Saam and his team at Blind Pig (motion graphics) and Absolute (post) have done - I mean the chapmans did it in wax, but this looks like its for real.  If anybody has any ideas as to what the video is "about" I would love to hear them.  More ectoplasmic slime anyone...?

Klaxons - Twin Flames NSFW from BlindPig on Vimeo.

It also has a nod to Brian Yunza's film 'Society'. This is what Ric Comline, lead artist at Blind Pig had to say about the job:
Connecting the various body parts was itself an extensive process that required creation of an all-new technique. "When we started combining the limbs, we realized that it was important to either prioritize one of the partner's limbs over the other, or quite often to completely remove and rebuild the original limbs," "This meant that if someone was, for instance, holding an arm that needed to be removed in front of their body, we would have to rebuild the body over the top of the arm to remove it - and all this was before we even started to join the bodies." 

Comline and his crew then removed all traces of the sculptures, a process complicated by the sheer volume of cleanup required in each shot, the dramatic sweeping camera moves, and the duration of the shots, which ranged from 500 to 1,000 frames. All of the fake limbs had to be meticulously tracked in, sometimes requiring two- or four-point tracks and as many as 16 joins in. For the more challenging joins, the crew made 3D geometry in Maya that roughly matched the camera moves and then tracked and comped the footage in with Nuke. Absolute also used After Effects and Combustion, and Flame to conform the footage, handle one of the shots, and then to do overall tweaking and grading as they laid it to tape.

It will be interresting to see if it is allowed on TV, but now days - who cares?  Something this good will live outside the TV schedules quite easily thanks to the likes of Youtube.  I love it - great to see design and effects being pushed in this way.  Wait for the "Klaxoniser App" to come on to your iPhone soon!

Production Company: Partizan, Director: Saam Farahmand, Prod: Ella Sanderson
Post House: Absolute - Lead Artist: Ric Comline, Producer: Daniel Bennett
motion graphics: Blind Pig
Producer: Fenella Sanderson, DOP: Dan Bronks, Art Director: David Lee

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