Wednesday, November 17, 2010

4Creative - new idents and Twist Our Words campaign

Well it seems like 4Creative have been busy bunnies - not only content with launching three new idents in the classic style from the last few years, but also a new socially based marketing campaign called Twist our Words.

The idea is simple - it’s a bit like fridge magnet poetry - you get a batch of words, in this case spoken by C4 celebrities, and you get to put them in order to make a sentence of your own.

It’s very easy to do - you drag the words in to a timeline and move them about before it is all put together - here’s one I made earlier...

The coolest thing about this is that they will feature the best ones on air - so essentially you get a sort of semi crowd sourced promo campaign.  The other cool thing from a marketing point of view, is that every time you make a video you are asked if you want to share it on Facebook and YouTube and/or receive email updates about Channel 4.

The only down sides for me are that there seem to be a lack of verbs to put in the sentences (which limits the flexibility of what you can say), and some of the C4 talent say the words in such a wacky way that it makes the sentences a bit jerky when they are all strung together.  Luckily there is a feedback mechanism, and I’m sure things will smooth out over time.  Have a play for yourself here

Twist credits: Creative Director / Director: Tom Tagholm, Producer: Shananne Lane
DOP: Luke Scott, Editors: Adam Rudd & Xavier Perkins @ Final Cut, Audio:Envy

Here are the three new idents -
Airplane Monument

I've heard about this place before - like a lot of man made pollution - often beautiful to behold, but deadly for the planet.  Still - an amazing idea and great execution.....


credits as follows:director: Brett Foraker, Producer Gwilym Gwillim, VFX house MPC and Method (New York), Sound Envy.

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