Monday, October 4, 2010

New Sky Arts idents - Jon Yeo & Cam Levin

Sky have just re-branded their two arts channels, with some great "warm" idents - I think it would have been very easy to go "esoteric" with any channel with the word "arts" in it - but knowing what we know about Sky, that wouldn't have sat very well, I think. Director, Jon Yeo told me a bit more about them:

They were shot variously at Boscombe Pier, Liverpool Town Hall, The Royal Festival Hall and a Supermarket in Ealing (!)

Sky Arts 2 "Strings" from Jon Yeo on Vimeo.
The locations for Sky Arts 1 were along the lines of 'Transforming the Mundane' in that they are every day environments.  Sky Arts 2 is more measured and classical in both material and locations. This was to reflect the content and audience for that channel.  The concept was developed and sold in to the client by Cam Levin of ThinkMake, before I came on board as Designer/Director.

When I came onto the job my first task was to figure out how best to form the logo out of materials, and how this would actually work.  I wanted to focus more on the word ARTS forming as an object, and to scrutinise this formation to show it's construction and craft.  Rather like an Art installation in a public space - the object would fit in to the containing graphic of the full logo at the end.

Sky Arts 1 "Fruit" from Jon Yeo on Vimeo.
The blocks, woods, plastics, paper and fabrics are the first objects and materials we've explored, obviously this concept lends itself to a wide array of interpretations moving forward.  Potentially adopting different post techniques, disciplines and approaches for future sequences.

The client wanted a human element to each sequence, one which would 'trigger' the materials to generate.
I came up with a piece of kinetic motion for the start of each sequence, unfolding the deck chair, picking the fruit, starting the moped and playing the violin.  You can see some of my early designs here

For the animation I brought on board Man vs Machine, We are Seventeen and Artillery. Super quick 4 week turnaround on all the post. Sound by Radium.

Apologies, as always, for not running the full list of credits - you can find out more here if you want
Director: Jon Yeo, Creative Director: Cam Levin (ThinkMake), Producer: Sharon Kersley, Animation by Artillery, We Are Seventeen, Man vs Machine

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