Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gluko & Lennon - amazing animation

"Glüko & Lennon" is an original animated series for children about two inseparable friends living in a surreal world. It is designed by artists, designers and musicians. In one way it has a classic narrative content, but on the other hand it's just plain weird – and I love it!

Gluko & Lennon ENG from Gluko & Lennon on Vimeo.

I know that for some of you this might feel like it's a bit outside my usual motion design remit, but it's so I good I just had to share it with you guys –I think it has a very original voice and could inspire some great branding/design work.
Unfortunately although I emailed the Orange Gutan studios - I can’t seem to get any credits out of them - so if anyone knows who’s brainchild this is - let me know.

Each episode includes a musical number  - and they often feature famous musicians. This pilot episode features Miranda! (a number one pop group in Latin America apparently). 
Here's a bit from the press release:
Glüko is Lennon’s best friend. He’s the most easy-going creature 
living in the universe, or in any other universe that existed or will 
ever exist, for that matter. He is a pink giant, filled with a sweet 
nectar from which all the creatures around him will drink. He lives in 
perfect harmony with nature and is in touch with his feelings. He’s a 
zen person, which means he’s always willing to take a nice nap. 
Some people may think he’s kind of slow, but that’s just because he 
takes his time to act as he must. 

Glüko has an extraordinary power 
that he never learnt to control because of lack of interest (and 
because he’s too lazy!): he can shape-shift and become a sphere, 
an island or whatever he wants. Until he learns how to control his 
ability, his transformations are triggered by his emotional state. Like 
every other pink, noble, zen and super powerful giant, what he 
enjoys the most is to have a good time. He knows that by following 
Lennon in his kaleidoscope-like adventures, fun is guaranteed! 
That’s why he follows him, no questions asked, because he knows 
as long as he’s with his friend, he’s going to rock it!

Lennon, Glüko’s best friend, is a creature similar to a human boy. He 
wants to know everything, try everything and touch everything. His 
imagination knows no limits, and he’s always in the mood for 
adventures. He’s impulsive, curious, chatty and daring. Zoom, wow, 
splash!  And there goes Lennon, roller skating among 
fireflies, and five seconds later, floating with turtles, and then, 
jumping up and down Glüko’s bouncy belly. Because he’s giant and 
powerful, Glüko gives Lennon the necessary confidence to do 
anything, despite being tiny.

He’s tender, naïve and incredibly gullible, his ability to be surprised is endless. If anyone has a story to tell, Lennon’s ears are the first to raise their hands, because he wants to hear it. If something gets lost, Lennon is already there with his telescope and snowshoes, willing to go look for it. He doesn’t 
want to miss anything that’s happening around him. If he was a 
sport, he’d be ping pong. If he was a bird, he’d be a hummingbird. If 
he was a Beatle, he’d be a Rolling Stone.

er - ok then what ever you say!  For more details check out: http://LORANGEGUTAN.COM/

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