Friday, October 22, 2010

A Brief Guide to What Marketers Want from Their Creative Agency (Part 3)

Last in Denny Tu's ; UKTV Marketing Director Tom Lucas'  3 parts on “A Brief Guide to What Marketers Want from Their Creative Agency”.

I hope you enjoyed the series. I think there are some really important insights to learn from here - and I know one creative director from a major broadcasting network who has used this guide to brief a design agency, here goes...

Giftwrap It For Us
Anticipate need. Getting to the right creative solution is not always enough.
Recognize that you need to sell your idea to the finance director, the product manager, the research exec. Don’t presume to know the answer – often only your client can tell you.
Make sure the box is pretty and the idea is swathed in relevant rationale for the audience.
Accept that people will view the work like punters – but do everything you can to ensure ideas aren’t presented out of context.

Focus On What Matters
Fighting about logo sizes is like arguing about the washing up. It’s one of the little things that gradually destroys a relationship.

The Client Defines Success
This is the great injustice of the communications world. He who pays gets to decide whether it’s any good.
If your client wanted to grow sales and  you grew awareness – you have failed. Embrace this.  Find out your client’s key performance metrics. This is your new language of success.
Your Whole Existence is Performance Related
Service companies exist to further the interests of their clients.
Find public, meaningful and imaginative ways to align your agency’s success with that of your clients.
Link your annual bonus to the percentage increase in your client’s share price. Display your client’s sales figures in reception. Celebrate their millionth customer as if your own.  Get some skin in the game and clients will make you part of the team.
‘Yes’ is the Answer
We usually know when we’re asking the impossible. Say ‘Yes’, give it a go, and we’ll still love you even if you fail. Humble work does not demean you. It elevates you.

If any one has any other nuggets on "how to talk creative"  - stick a comment in

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