Monday, September 13, 2010

'Virgin 1" becomes "Channel 1" with Red Bee

Well it seems that it’s all change again at Virgin 1 - It had a refresh in June of last year, incorporating the fun little puppet called “Red”.  Now it has been bought by Sky and so had to be called something else - Channel 1.  I have to say after the recent adventurous UKTV rebranding names, “Channel 1” seems a bit ordinary - why not “Zaftig 1” or “Spelunker”?  - so many possibilities....

This rebrand has been handled by Red Bee - here is the only ident that they made so far:

Channel one ident from Tim Rabjohns on Vimeo.
Charlie Mawer, Executive Creative Director at Redbee had the following to say:“it was a fantastic creative challenge, and a unique set of circumstances. Whilst we were all sad to see the passing of “Red’,  our creative idea attempts to capture his essence as red thread, and embodies the restless spirit of the channel. It was important that the viewers felt as much continuity as possible and that the same great programmes would still all be found in their new home’

so, now the red thread takes over some of the cheeky character traits of the “Red” puppet character and interacts with aspects of the programs that are on the channel.  I would be interested to see what other applications they can come up with for the restless red line....

Design Directors: Paula Williams & Richard Sutton, Creative Director Charlie Mawer, Animation: Trunk.Thiago Maya -  animation of OSP, Nathalie Kaserer - Creative Development Designers, Cheryl Carulli, sound  - Arge - at Envy

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James Spiring said...

This will be a shortlived brand... Channel One's closing down.