Friday, September 3, 2010

Homeless World cup Promo - Beautiful TV

Blimey is it Autumn all ready?  We'll be carving pumpkins and buying sparklers for Guy Fawkes day before we know it!  All this means little however to those playing in the Homeless World Cup which starts on 19th September in Sunny Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Marc Ortmans has given me a sneak peek at the promo they have put together for it...

Rio 2010 Homeless World Cup Promo (Nike) - (English) from Homeless World Cup on Vimeo.

It's a great idea - beating homelessness through football. The Homeless World Cup is an annual world class, international football tournament inspiring 64 national grass roots football projects and over 30,000 homeless players to change their lives: over 70% change for the better. - nice one guys!

Beautiful TV, in partnership with director David Waldman, were chosen to produce the commercial after a six way pitch at last year’s Promax UK Awards. The final spot is a combination of live action shot on the streets of Rio (where the Rio 2010 Homeless World Cup will take place) and animation of stills from a shoot at London’s Black Island studios.

The inspiration for the treatment came from street football and the transformation the players at the Homeless World Cup go through: ‘From Homeless to Hero’ and features four Homeless World Cup players.  It uses an update on the classic zoetrope animation technique to bring still posters of the players to life.

The commercial is launched online this week and will appear on global TV stations from 1st September in the weeks running up to and during the 8th Rio 2010 Homeless World Cup, which takes place 19th - 26th September in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Kat Byles, Communications Director, Homeless World Cup said:
“It’s been superb to receive such a high level of creative collaboration and commitment from Beautiful TV, Promax and Nike for the Homeless World Cup and the players. We love that the ad sees four Homeless World Cup players in all their courageous glory, without a hint of poverty-stricken powerlessness that the majority of communication about homelessness currently chooses to depict.”

The Homeless World Cup is now inviting media to donate airtime to the ad to raise awareness of the power of football to beat homelessness. Contact Kat Byles, Communications Director, Homeless World Cup on 0131 652 8190.

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