Monday, September 6, 2010

A Brief Guide To What Marketers Want From Their Agency (Part 1)

I am very happy to be able to syndicate this article from Denny Tu's blog, from July this year, written with the help of  Tom Lucas,Director of Marketing & Communications, UKTV.  I hope that you can all benefit from  getting some client perspective on things...

Don’t Sell Yourselves
  • A confession: Most of us clients get quite bored sitting through credentials presentations.
  • We’d rather talk about ourselves. Or make sure you understand what we’re looking for.
  • The best way to win our business is to take a greater interest in and ask more questions about our problems than anyone else.
  • Listen as if for a pin to drop.
Be Externally Referenced
  • Spot new stuff and tell us about it.
  • Most of us are profoundly uncool. We spend evenings feeding babies, and watching telly with Simon Cowell in it.
  • Put your army of hipsters to work. Cross pollinate the learnings from your clients.
  • Expose us to the great stuff you’ve seen at Cannes. Buy us the D&AD Annual.
  • Help us dare to be cooler.
Know Your Limits
  • Not every business problem is a communications brief.
  • Sometimes we clients get desperate, and outsource the problem to someone we can kick if it goes wrong.
  • If you don’t think you can help- tell us. We’ll respect you in the morning.
Get An Education
  • Clients invariably know their business. Some will pretend to know yours.
  • Be flattered by their interest and try to harness it.
  • Make room for them on your team’s training courses. Watch and critique ideas with them. Invest time and energy in them.
  • But insist on reciprocity. Expose your team to the best thinking in their category. Infiltrate their training plan. Learn with them.
Surround Yourselves With Clients
  • Get in there. Spend time in client organisations. Nothing endears like seeing your agency working alongside you- especially after hours.
  • It’s so much quicker- and more fun, when you’re in the same room.
  • Meet the rest of the team. Researchers, commercial teams, lawyers- there is so much to learn from them. And you never know when you might need an ally.
Get In Step
  • Know your client’s planning cycle. Find out when he submits his budgets. When he reviews the year. When he gets appraised by his boss.
  • Have the competitive review ready- because when businesses need information, they don’t issue much advanced warning.
  • Free up resources in advance. Be there for your client.
I will post parts two and three on this shortly - let me know what you think - is there anything he has left out...?

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Good article. Some useful advice which i feel can be used also in the promo dept - Marketing and proramming relationship.

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