Monday, July 26, 2010

Stuart Fortune - Katie Melua video - A Happy Place

Stuart Fortune just sent me this great video that he worked on the design and visuals and directed by Mike Batt.  It was filmed in Berlin - in the foreign office building, which have these amazing 'paternoster' lifts that continually run in a cycle.  Invented in the 1880s and banned in the 1980's there are only very few of them left.
The only brief that they got was that they wanted to use these lifts and Stuart went for a sort of Blade Runner feel – lots of muted colours and metal.

Katie Melua - A happy Place from Tim Rabjohns on Vimeo.

Mike Batt  is an amazing character – he is both legendary musician and well renown promo director as well as owning Dramatico - Katie Melua's record label. Older readers may like to know that he was the creator of the Wombles – which makes him cool in my book!
Stuart and Mike have done a few projects together now and he lets him get on with it – they edited round the clock for three weeks in Mike mansion – so it was pretty intense. During that time they added an amazing amount of extras to the original shoot -  a 3d set in after effects, backgrounds, camera movements, 'army of office workers' lighting, grade etc.

Apparently Mike Batt wanted to carry on working on it, as he is a bit of a perfectionist, but record company budgets have to stand firm – even if it is your own record label…whatever you think of the song– it still looks great IMHO with all the visual tricks and multi dancer excess.

credits: Director - Mike Batt, Visuals/design/3d/compositing/grade - Stuart Fortune, Editor - Michael Dunne, Background artist - John Gosler

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