Friday, July 30, 2010

Conker Media & Steve Aspinall

Steve Aspinall – ex Red Bee media, contacted me recently to say that he was working back up North in Liverpool and was working at Conker Media.  What is interesting about them is that they call themselves a digital production company which creates content for TV (HD), online, mobile and
social media.  (They are part of the All3Media group).

The Well - Conker media from Tim Rabjohns on Vimeo.
To get an idea of what they do they showed me a case study for a program called "The Well" which was created for the BBC.  This drama was written by Melvin Burgess, who's one of the big literary star of teenage fiction.  Conker filmed 4 x 10 min episodes for TV and at the same time an interactive web game was created  - a 3D environment that mirrored the main location in the drama - as well as a Bebo page.  The hope being that when the viewers have seen the TV episode, they can then go online and then they can get involved with a host of tasks and challenges which, when completed, will reveal hidden drama content.

I think this is a very interesting evolution of how people can become involved with fictional characters and narrative.  We are thoroughly used to the US film studios releasing a film and then a video game, but not in such a joined up way.

I also hear that E4 has plans for a second online Hollyoaks series, called Hollyoaks: Freshers and will follow the off-screen exploits of Hollyoaks characters, while also introducing three new students to Hollyoaks Community College. These three characters will then make their bow on the main TV series in September. It makes perfect sense as the viewers of Hollyoaks probably spend more time online anyway…

If any one reading is involved in this kind of change over from traditional to digital - let me know, or post a comment.  Right off for a well earned rest now - so I won't put anything up for a couple of weeks....

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