Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Light give us a Disney XD Freestyle ident

I recently met Ant James – creative director and owner of Light and Natasha Kalisz, his producer.  You may know Light from their much talked about BBC4 idents or the Nationwide adverts with the Little Britain characters in.  They cover a wide number of genres, including channel branding, broadcast promos, commercials and titles.
Here is one one of their latest projects for Disney called XD Freestyle.  Disney XD has replaced the Jetix brand - their channel aimed at young males. I didn't know this before but there are national, European and world competitions for football freestyling  and it's stars can fill big venues. In this piece we have the UK champ.

Disney xd freestyle from Tim Rabjohns on Vimeo.

Ant also told me that he invented a new technique for filming this piece that has not been used anywhere else before.  He was a bit reluctant to give exact details, but he explained that with regular 'timeslicing' you can only cover 120 degrees around any person/object.  With his technology he can move 360 degrees around anything, and also do extreme slow motion.  It looks impressive and once it becomes widely available I'm sure all the other directors can dream up some cool stuff to do with it.

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