Monday, June 21, 2010

Bravo new idents - Virgin Media

As you may or may not have heard the Bravo channel has rebranded as of 24th May and so I went to see Mark Walters – head of design for the Virgin TV channels, to find out more. 
Bravo is one of seven channels in the Virgin stable and has traditionally been associated with a more "laddish" image.  With its new smoother & more sophisticated logo it has well and truly grown up.  
Here are two of the five new idents - "Underpass" and "Liverpool1" - you can see all of them here

BRAVO Ident UnderPass from Mark One on Vimeo.

 The more observant among you will have spotted the words "home of the brave" appearing in each ident - that and the more American style grading gives a hint as to where the brand is heading - more 'adult excitement' and less blokey.  I find the idents quite mysterious - as there is no specific narrative in each one.  They gave me the feeling I get when I watch the title sequences to modern sci fi movies - "it all seems ok now, but somethings about to happen..."That said they are very classy and I could watch them over and over without tiring of them.

BRAVO Ident Liverpool from Mark One on Vimeo.
At this point I have added an addenum to my original post, as I had no idea of the sterling work that had been put in by RedBee on this project.  A brief message from Charlie Mawer soon put me right - this is what he said: the whole OSP from beautifully crafted new logo, (design and build) through type and colourway design and navigation system were the work of Red Bee, in particular of fabulous designer Amy Johnson, working into Creative Director Jane Fielder, with extra design from Richard Sutton and Simon Graham, and produced by Lisa Kelsey.
to see how this OSP works in situ, Mark also gave me this video...

BRAVO REBRAND OSP from Mark One on Vimeo.
Creative Director: Mark Walters; directed by John Dunn; producer Kylea Henderson; post Rushes.
It is also worth mentioning that Mark does some amazing work combating UK knife crime.  Due to some unfortunate experiences in his own family he started to mentor teenagers in schools and give talk about the problems of knife use in the UK.  He has used all his experience of design graphics and that of a pop promo director to make two anti knife crime films - a 12 minuter and a 4 minuter which should be out very soon - and I hope to be able to post them here when they are available.  It never ceases to amaze me what design directors get up to in their spare time - good work fella!

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