Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MTV spots from Proud

  Some more interesting work from Proud just in.  MTV approached them to create a brand package of 5 idents for MTV Shows.
Roger Whittlesea , producer, told me "Visually we wanted to develop a strong, clean illustrative style that originated in 2D, but that we would then animate in 3D.

The early part of the creative process was spent coming up with lists of simple graphic icons that could be seen as reflective of the MTV Shows tone of voice, without being too programme specific.

We then took this long list into a more visual phase of creative development; seeking to hone and define the illustration style. At the same time we focussed on limiting the colour palette to five main colours, in order to hold the five spots together.

MTV Shows Hotdog Ident from Proud Creative on Vimeo.

MTV Shows Pump Ident from Proud Creative on Vimeo.

"Early in the process we hooked up with the guys at Bait- and throughout the process they were constantly taking our illustrations into 3D and testing out how we would develop the look and feel.

Once we'd got sign-off of illustration style, colour palette and had a general consensus about what icons were going to work for us we starting to storyboard the five spots, working on interesting transitions and juxtapositions.

The spots were then animated in Maya 3D, but left with a relatively flat graphic look with the subtle use of reflections.  The whole project was four months from brief to delivery"

MTV Shows X-ray Ident from Proud Creative on Vimeo.

Creative Director:Dan Witchell, Producer: Roger Whittlesea, 3D styling and animation: The Bait

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