Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mia Doi Todd "Open Your Heart" – directed by Michel Gondry

Just wanted to share the latest Michel Gondry video with you.  We thought that, while maybe not his best, did show a certain amount of ingenuity, on a relatively low budget.

Mia Doi Todd "Open Your Heart" dir. Michel Gondry from Viewers Like You on Vimeo.

We were also laughing because we wondered how long it would take for someone to use the idea for a Barclays ad or an ident of some sort – it has a very graphic quality, yet still uses lots of people and lots of colour – just the kind of thing that marketing departments like to put in their briefs! (along with words like "dramatic", "intensify" and "authentic"…)
What I liked about it personally is that down to earth ideas can still work in this age of ultra SFX.  Must have cost a bit to get all the two-sided shirts sorted though…
Apparently it took him several years to conceptualize so many dancers – and it shows, I think, that a lot of care was taken.  This definitely doesn’t feel like a low budget student film.
The music was produced and arranged by long-time friend and collaborator, Jon Brion and the video features the Riverside Community College Marching Band.
Now you've seen it – try to forget it, and when ITV1 come-a-knocking for a rebrand – resist the urge…

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