Monday, May 24, 2010

Jon Yeo - Sky ident king!

I had a very interesting chat with Jon Yeo - the man behind all the Sky channels' branding the other day. I know it's been around for a couple of years now, but I wasn't doing this blog then, so I never got the story.
Jon has been at Sky Creative for 12 years, and in 2008 he was asked to come up with a new branding that incorporated the then new sky 2 and 3 channels.  He came up with the idea that each channel was represented by a different colour and a different state of matter – 1 is glass, 2 liquid and 3 gas(or "particulate matter" in his words).  With the concept in place he was charged with the design, direction and production of the job – not many people get to see a job all the way through like that... Much of the clever animation was developed at MPC over a period of many months.
Here are a couple of some more recent idents he did.  The original style of idents proved to be very well received, and consequently special idents were commissioned to support some of Sky's flagship shows.
Sky 1 Fringe ident

Sky 1 Ident: "Fringe" from Jon Yeo on Vimeo.

VFX Supervisor: Dave Spare, 3D VFX Team: Dave Spare, Doug Kennedy, Darren Cullis, Dave Sedgewick, 2D VFX Team: Mark Blackwood, Pete Moore 
Producer: Sharon Kersley, Brand Concept & Design: Jon Yeo, Ident Concept: Billy Chan & Jon Yeo, Creative Director: Andi Granger, Director: Jon Yeo
Sky1 24 ident
Sky 1 Ident: "24" from Jon Yeo on Vimeo.

CGI: Lawrence Pankhurst, Tim Kilgour , VFX: Mark Blackwood , Creative Director: Andi Granger , Producer: Sharon Kersley , Director: Jon Yeo

In fact such is Jon's fascination with solving visual and design conundrums that he also has a side career as a commercials director – which he does in his holiday time – and is represented by Home Corp – that's got to make him one of the hardest working directors I've ever met! You can see more on his Vimeo channel or his website.  No doubt you'll see more from him on the "World of Idents" soon...

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