Monday, April 26, 2010

Virgin Shorts - Blac Ionica & Devilfish

Just got this in from the boys at Blac Ionica.  Seems to be some fairly heavy conceptual mind trickery going on.  I spoke to Chris Strong to find out the score.  He explained: The project is a collaboration between them and Devilfish.  The shards of light come from the Virgin Shorts branding – they wanted to make it filmic – with a nod to Kubrick. Virgin wanted to put text onscreen but Blac Ionica convinced them not to.
Virgin Media Shorts 2010 from Blac Ionica on Vimeo.

What is clear is that they managed to make it look very cool despite the tiny budget they had to work with.
There is a VO that explains more about the competition, but as this is the "director's cut" they decided to leave it off. Devilfish & BI wanted a VO by Kevin Spacey, but he was not available.  The final version is voiced by Lauren Laverne.
Sound design by Blac Ionica.

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