Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Man Vs Machine

Just got some very classy bits of work through from John Alderson at Man vs Machine, based in Shoreditch, London. He has been in business for three years as MvsM, with Tim Swift, his partner – and I think they form part of a new powerful set of motion graphics companies that reside in the East end of London – along with Kemistry, Proud, Blac Ionica and Dixon Baxi….

They have between five and eight designers/animators beavering away for them at any one time and apart from broadcast graphics they also tackle commercials and web projects.  Mike said that what they do is very much informed by the technical possibilities of what you can do with the latest batch of softwares – and their mastery of those gives rise to their "dynamic animation" style.

Here are a couple of recent examples of their work. The first is an animated logo for a Japanese photography & film publication  called "Printed". Mike said the nice thing about this job was that they were given a completely open brief as to what to do.  The smoke effects were created using "Krakatoa", in collaboration with a Lithuanian animator - Rimantas Lukavicius at KORB. To me it looks beautiful – what I imagine a magic spell would look like if you could film it…

MvsM / Printed / Ident from ManvsMachine on Vimeo.

Their other recent job is an Easter identity for BT Vision – (VOD & TV service).  MvsM did a christmas version for them recently which was quite busy, visually.  This time they paired it down, used more of a "craft" feel (using Maya) and a warm grade. Then end result is very classy, I think – sticking to the MvsM watchwords of "cool but accessible". I like the slightly off-kilter sound design and the way the egg animates - it reminds me of some eastern european animation - strangely child-like and a bit odd.  Apparently the client was fairly easy going and agreed to their ideas – where do you get these clients, Mike? – I want some like that….

MvsM / BT Vision / Easter from ManvsMachine on Vimeo.

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