Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Amanita Design - Czech out this beautiful design style

This time I want to tell you about another non TV related design house - Amanita Design.  Normally I don't pay too much attention to what games my daughter is playing as they normally look fairly feeble.  When she started playing Samorost, my eyes nearly fell out of my sockets.  Someone had managed to combine my love of close up nature photography and the wierdness and humour of Jan Svankmajer and made a game from it.  Most game houses are either trying to look like Mario Brothers or going for something as close to reality as possible.  These guys take backgrounds and textures from real life and create whole new worlds, in my opinion a great combination of 2Dand 3D in Flash, very accessible characters, but also unlike anything else I have seen.

It seems like they are really a design collective that can do many things, but have happened to become famous for their games.
You should also check out Vaclav Blin's music video for a Czech oompah band called "Kamil Jasmin". It's all done in flash,so, low budget - I would love to see something like this on British TV....

All their games are "point and click", so no skill is required to play, what it is not at all obvious what the next thing you have to do is.  Their off-kilter train of thought is half of the charm of these people.

Samarost has been around since they started in 2003 - but they have a (relatively) new game called Machinarium which is their first full length game. By the way all of these have free demo versions if you want to find out more. If you don't have the patience to play there are many images available in places like Photobucket

There is also a great video in the "Samorost" style they did a a music video - see it here.
 Right - that's enough waxing on from me - I hope some of you find this as inspiring as I do....

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