Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Discovery Turbo rebrand

Well as promised I said I would let you know about some of the projects that were happening in December, that I didn't have time to write about so far.  Discovery Turbo is their "male" transport orientated channel which they decided to refresh in December 2009.  The brief was to make eight new idents using a very graphic solution, and an unusual audio idea.

Discovery Turbo - Steam Train from Tim Rabjohns on Vimeo.

Kam Bhogal, one of the designers explained to me:
The idea came from design research into road signage and how the use of navigation graphics are shown as an easily readable system. This lead onto the idea of using a font called 'Transport' created by designers Margaret Calvert & Jock Kinneir for UK motorways.

The font was personalised by creating graphic lines splitting the letter forms to create modular components much like the idea of an engine. The graphic elements of the logo are then interpreted according to the design, look and sound of the specific engine/vehicle for each of the idents. The usage of the font appears across all the channel hinting at the idea of signage and petrol-headed culture.

Visually the graphics remind me of the angular shapes that the Futurists used in Italy in the early part of the 20th Century.  They wanted to herald a new vision for the speed of the modern world.  I think it's great to see something so pure on TV!
Sonically – as you will hear by viewing the examples, what you hear is the start and rev of a single engine in each ident.  All the engines from motor bikes, Ferraris and even a Bell Huey helicopter were especially recorded by Tim Scott for the job.  They were then passed to us for shaping and mixing to fit with the picture.
Discovery Turbo - Bellhuey from Tim Rabjohns on Vimeo.

At this point I should mention our team at Shriek worked on the audio for these spots.  Both Yaniv Fridel & Chris Deligiannis put their mixing and sound design skills forward to complete this project in the few weeks we had available.  It is quite unusual to be so pure sonically - as often there is a mix of music and sound design for most idents.  However the idea was that the audience is very focussed for the channel, so they can appreciate this level of single mindedness.You can also see them featured in Creative Review. - with lots of lively discussion!
Creatives: Kam Bhogal, Matt Beese, Callum Parish, Cassiano Prado, Luc Janin. VP: Federico Gaggio, Creative Director: Robin Garnett, Producer Bruce Meier

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