Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome two-oh-one-oh

Hello - first day back at the computer for a while - cautiously sticking my head above the parapet to see what the new year looks like.  I couldn't find much new stuff to get excited about in the schedules with the exception of Outnumbered and the Dr Who two-parter - what did you think?  If I had more resources I would have loved to have done a review of all the christmas idents - I went to the TV Room site to check if they have posted them up yet, but they havn't - still you can always amuse yourself with a quick peak at all the other Christmas branding from yesteryear.

Nevermind Jan 2010 - a lot went on in Dec 2009 that went unreported - Discovery re-launced their Turbo channel with a new look, BBC HD put another ident on air (I didn't cover the first 5, so I will try and post them up as well), and the Q channel had an ident update as well (Q is part of the Bauer Media netwoork which includes 4music, Smash Hits, Magic, Kiss, Kerrang and The Box). As soon as I have moving images on these I will stick them up.  For a truly global round up of idents from last year you could worse than go to Denny Tu's blog - always a pleasure to peruse.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the encouragement I have had during my first year of blog-dom.  It has been a great journey so far and great fun meeting all kinds of new people.  Here's to some bigger budgets in the following 12 months....

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