Thursday, January 14, 2010

Foreign Office - both graphics and film....

Well another new year and another production company that I've only just discovered.  Sean Simone cheekily mailed me to know why Foreign Office hadn't been mentioned on my blog yet – so naturally I had to find out more!

Foreign Office are comprised of three designer/directors – Matteo Manzini, Frederick Nordbeck and Sonia Ortiz-alcon – all of them non-British nationals – hence the name of the company.  They are all ex- Central St Martin's students with a strong sense of typography.  Unsurprisingly this had led them to have a strong portfolio in feature film titles.  They did the end sequence for Harry Potter's Half Blood Prince (below) as well as work with Stephen Frears' "The Queen" and "Cheri".

Harry Potter end credits Foreign Office from Foreign Office on Vimeo.

I found this very interesting – another example of a company who is happy to take on most motion graphic challenges, regardless of media, but who have found themselves a cool niche that not many other companies are persueing.

Sean told me that when a project comes in, all the directors collaborate on the ideas and then one of them will take the lead.   From what I have seen they are very adept at mixing live action and animation.  Apart from film work they have worked on the Discovery Shed idents with Devilfish, mobile content with MTV, a project called Formula One Rocks – which they designed everything from print flyers, T-Shirts, the web site as well as the TV ident. They received a BAFTA in 2008 for their work on the environmental movie "The Big Green Thing".

Here's an example of something they have done for K-Swiss/MTV
K-swiss MTV
MTV K-Swiss Foreign Office from Foreign Office on Vimeo.

So it seems like they have a lot of feathers in their cap, and are definitely one to watch…. – will you stamp my visa now guys?