Friday, January 22, 2010

BBC HD re-brand– See more, experience more

As you may or may not know the BBC HD channel has recently rebranded . On Saturday 12th Dec 2009 – the latest Winter ident for the HD channel went on air. This is called "Carousel". A month or so before the channel had a complete re-brand with five new idents.

 The feeling was the old idents were appealing to a more technology conscious viewer.  Now that the whole HD format is a bit more democratic and within the reach of more families, the idea was to highlight the heightened experience that high definition can give you, but put this in an ordinary everyday setting so as to get everybody a bit more engaged.

BBC HD "Carousel" from Tim Rabjohns on Vimeo.

In the "Carousel" example I have put here some children are pushing a roundabout in a playground.  As it gets up to speed it is seen through the "diamond moment" (ie how you see it if you were watching in HD) and the scene morphs in to the same children riding a full blown carousel.  In the other example below a cat moves in to chase some pigeons, then just at the moment that the action happens a giant diamond shape animates on and inside it there is a much more intense version of what is going on in real life – in this case the cat turns into a lion.  A moment later everything is back to normal and the logo reveals - you get the idea.

Personally speaking I like it when there are people featured in the "family" type idents – for years there have only ever been graphics-based solutions to, so a few humans in everyday situations cannot do any harm!  As always it will be interesting to see if the general public will see it this way, or whether these kind of things only get the attention of various marketing and creative types…let me know what you think – good or bad.  I am told by people at Redbee that this new branding has gone down very well (assuming you can view it...)
BBC HD "Lion" from Tim Rabjohns on Vimeo.

All I know is that I went into several TV shops recently and it seems that the BBC supply a loop of HD programming to show off this new format – and all the clips have these HD idents playing inbetween them – Yay!  We are famous in TV retailers.  But not anywhere else…

Creative Director: Ian Wormleighton, Director: Matt Lossasso, Creative: Amy Johnson, Music: Shriek

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