Friday, December 4, 2009

The Brief - can you take it?

I'm posting this for two reasons – firstly because I think this is a very good satire of the creative brief in our industry.  Obviously not ALL clients are like this, but there are a few who are not far off.

Secondly this whole film is made with this extraordinary software made by Xtranormal.  Basically the software provides templates for CGI backgrounds, and actors and their voices.  The user types what they want the actors to say (obviously in this film they did not know how to pronounce "promo", but that can make it even funnier), and marks out the position of the actors and gets them to move from one spot to another.  For the effort put in, the result is amazing.

I havn't made a film for myself yet as it is a windows only platform – but it looks like a lot of fun for those who don't make moving images for a living.  I'm waiting for the first person to make a TV trail, or an ident with this software – great way to put more of the budget in your pocket!  Let me know if you see any other good examples of the genre…

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