Monday, December 14, 2009

4 Creative - dedicated website

4 Creative have always been a mighty creative powerhouse – responsible for many iconic moments in TV design.  For many years there was "4Creative services" – serving mainly the C4 network and "4Creative" a more independent outfit – that had many outside clients.  These two have merged in the last few months and now reside within the C4 building itself.

Today there are anywhere between 10 and 20 designer directors who handle over 1200 TV spots a year, all of the through-the-line advertising output for Channel 4, Film4, More4, E4 and even the odd spot for 4Music. It includes digital campaigns, brand identity work, publishing, radio, product design and ambient. According to their new website: where the opportunity’s right we are very keen to work with other like-minded people outside the Channel – be it direct to client or in partnership with an agency.
Through our work creating music for idents on the 4Music channel, I spoke to Phil Lind, one of the creative directors recently and he said that it worked much better now.  He said the image is a little less "boutique but they do not have to pay for the cost of a second building, and communication between all the creatives and their producers is seamless now.  Here are a couple of the idents we did the music for - there were four in all.

4music ident- Office from Tim Rabjohns on Vimeo.

4Music ident - launderette from Tim Rabjohns on Vimeo.

Anyway – go and check out their new dedicated website for a veritable bonanza of creative thinking and execution….  One of my personal faves is the vending machine full of celebrities that they created to advertise 4 On Demand. Personally I think that there is a theme running through a lot of their work - that of taking reality (often a slightly gritty one) and twisting it in some way.  I am a big fan of what they have done for British TV - flying the "alternative" flag, when so often the other channels push out a lot of predictable stuff.

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spagnum said...

I think its great the way 4creative have used the canon 5d for the 4music spot.