Tuesday, November 3, 2009

See No Evil - reprise - some great work

I almost forgot to do a follow up on the recent See No Evil event in Brick lane.  I had a great time chatting to various people, none of whom I had met before – but hey these director/creative types are a nice lot.

Best of all were some of the films that they had on a loop downstairs – my best ones I have hunted down and put on this post.  The new video for the band Air for their song called "singsangsung"  by mrzyk & moriceau – I personally love this style of psychadelic 'Yellow submarine' animation and was completely mesmorized by it.  Some of my colleagues thought that the song itself was a bit "lite", but I can only view this as a package – and it made me feel goooood


My next favourite was the awesome  Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc by Chris Cairns – this resonates very well with the audio nerd within me – both for the type of sounds that the heads make as well as the sheer skill of the DJ's who operate the turntables – the whole thing is perfect and I would love someone to explain to me how they did it and how painstaking it was.  Chris currently works at Partizan and was crowned Best New Director at the CADS Music Vision Awards 2005 continuing this success with Shots Best New Director for Virals at Cannes 2006 and Best New Director at Kinsale 2006.
Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. from Chris Cairns on Vimeo.

My third fave was "Snow Bo" by  Vera Brosgol – it starts off as a nice sweet tale and turns into something much darker – the sort of thing that would happen in League of Gentleman's Royston Vasey if it was located in Russia.  Apparently Vera is Russian born and now lives in Portland USA and works as a storyboard artist for Laika inc.

Here is a list of the other vids they showed that night – all very good as well, but space and time means I have to go with my own favourites – I'm sure you can find the rest of these on Youtube or Vimeo…
Bryum & Kapok 03: A Lilt
Overture is the creative unit of Jason and Aya Brown.
"Dreamland" by Asif Mian
"Two Weeks" promo for a group called Grizzly Bear by Gabe
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