Friday, November 27, 2009

Andre Ferezini & MTV Brazil

A very nice thing happened recently - Andre Ferezini, a director based in Sao Paulo, contacted me to ask if I wanted to put his latest ident for MTV on my blog.  Firstly nice to know that the voice of Uncle Shriek has such a global reach and secondly this was certainly no ordinary ident.
Andre, who wrote, directed and edited this project conceived the ident as something like a scene from a feature film – the full length version is 1'30".  He said that he sort of made it and then hoped that MTV Brazil would be on board (they were).

There are obvious references to Pan's Labyrinth ( he even acknowledges this in the 'making of' film) and (I think) Tim Burton.  I just think that it's incredible that in this day and age of everything getting shorter that he got away with extending the ultimate type of short-form TV.  I asked him about the jumbo size of this ident and he said:
"My idea was to have something completely different from what I usually see on MTV. Besides the 1'30'' version, there are shorter edits of the film and all are aired in MTV Brazil. I have been amazed by the reception, and even during day-hours you can see the 1'30'' version on air. The whole project is something very personal - I only approached MTV in the final stage of production. There was even risk of MTV deciding not to air the material. But I was pretty confident of the quality of the work and knew that even if MTV Brazil did not accept it, other MTV stations around the globe would be interested in it.

We did not have financial support, so, this is a REALLY REALLY REALLY low budget film, believe me - it was made possible because I invited the best professionals who work with me in commercials and other commissioned films and they all entered the project because they believed in the concept and my vision."
There are, as you would imagine, a very long list of credits, so I'm afraid I will have to shrink the list a bit – if anyone wants the full thing then get in touch and I will supply more details

Cinematography  - Chris Melo, Rodrigo Toledo
Production Director  - Simone Drehmer
Production Designer  - Lilian Coelho
Visual Effects  - Vagalume Studios
Effects Supervisor  - Heber Conde
Art Concept  - Galdino Sa
3D Artists  - Heber Conde, Bruno "Hakk" Coimbra, Maurício Alvarenga, Yohann Da Geb, Felipe Ventura, Galdino Sa, Jacques Evangelista, Leila Maria De Oliveira, José Alexandre, Marcelo Chiquillo
Composition  - Renato Jabuka, Yohann Da Geb
Soundtrack  - Guga Bernardo
Sound Design  - Daniel Turini

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