Tuesday, November 10, 2009

3D week on Channel 4 16–22nd November 2009

I just heard that Channel 4 are having a week long 3D extravaganza and thought that you lot should know about it.  They are giving away free 3D glasses in Sainsbury's, and putting on some 3D gems, so there's no excuse not to make some home made popcorn and snuggle up on the sofa.  It's been a bit depressing since Guy Fawkes night has been and gone, so why not?

I think I am right in saying this is the first concentrated amount of 3D viewing on the TV – it's been having a bit of a revival in the cinemas recently – most notably many of the recent children's movies.  The bonus being that you can't pirate a 3D movie (yet!).  I'm not sure what the promos and trails are for this yet - but maybe it will feature the first made in 3D for TV...?

Here's a selection of what you can expect: The Queen in 3D  - Unseen footage, shot in 3D, of The Queen during her Coronation year. Tells the story of two innovative young camera men, Bob Angell  and Arthur Wooster – now in their 80s – who filmed a 3D colour newsreel they named Royal Review.

Derren Brown Presents the 3D Magic Spectacular
With Derren as host, some of  Britain’s leading performers dazzle the audience with incredible trickery, and amazing archive  footage features performances of some of the world’s greatest magic tricks.

The Greatest Ever 3D Moments -  top ten 3D moments of all time from movies, television and pop videos.

3D films: - Flesh for Frankenstein  - 1973 kitsch horror flick - a man intent on building
the perfect man and woman through the collation of body parts from corpses. Friday the 13th Part III  and Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour – I will leave you to decide which is the scarier choice Hannah Montana grimacing millimeters from your face live in concert, or the slasher scenes from Friday 13th – but hey it all looks like fun.

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