Thursday, October 1, 2009

Shucks - Keep Your Enemies Close

I went to see Shucks the other day. The three partners have all cut their teeth with various other companies like Superfad, E&P and Radiant and then decided to start their own company since March of this year. Their NW1 studio, which is one of the coolest looking I've been to is set up in an old church – the entrance to which is through a circular ex-stained glass window. It felt like going into Frodo Baggins' house!

Shucks have just completed a nice little piece of work for CBBC – a titles package for a show called "Keep Your Enemies Close" - a sort of game show that tests the strength of the bonds of best friends. Now I know what you're thinking – "yeah yeah, another cheap titles, with flying logos" – but these guys have actually done the near impossible and pulled off a great idea on a small budget in under a month.

Keep Your Enemies Close from Shucks on Vimeo

The show called for a kind of "cold War" feel, but not rooted in a specific time period and having a non-threatening feel. They referenced Soviet style propaganda posters and the iconic designer Saul Bass (who worked on many of the Hitchcock movies) with his use of silhouettes

All three of the partners worked on this sequence: Ryan St James, Scott Wallace and Matthias Peters.

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