Thursday, October 15, 2009

CBS in the UK - Kemistry

It has just been announced that Kemistry will be rebranding CBS's first evervUK channels–they are gigantic in the US, but this will be their first foray into the UK TV market.
In 2005 Chello Zone asked them to rebrand their six "Zone" satellite channels, and now CBS have done a deal with Chello, and they will take over four of their six EPG slots to become: CBS Reality & +1, CBS Drama, and CBS Action, Zone Horror and it's +1 will stay as they are for now. The new channels will launch on 16th Nov 2009

I havn't mentioned them before in my blog, so here's a bit of background info:
Kemistry have become one of the longest running design companies in the UK and have clocked up an impressive amount of idents, graphic design, product packaging, awards and art gallery events over the years. The company was founded by Graham McCallum, Ricky Churchill in 1996 - some 13 years ago and currently has 11 staff. Like many of the top companies they do a lot of international work as well as domestic channels. Last year they rebranded Nile TV, which is the sort of BBC1 equivalent in Egypt.

Apart from anything Kemistry are the only design house that also has an ice-cream factory as part of their business. Yes, you read that right – ice cream. Through a collaboration with a cook who lives in the next door building they started the premium ice cream business, as well as doing all the packaging. It is called Rica and is currently selling in Harrods and Waitrose. I'm especially pleased as they use goat's milk to make it - I can't eat dairy, so It'll be on of the few ice creams I can munch on - now where's my free sample....

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