Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Canal+ - Devilfish

So Devilfish have pulled another mega-sized job out of the bag – one which /I know was a really difficult one to reel in, as there were two rounds of pitching, and some fierce competition.  Finally on 11th September the new look Canal+ was launched.
I can see why they were finickity about it – it was the first complete re-brand since the network launched 25 years ago.  There were five channels to re-design Canal+, Sport, Cinema, Decal and Family.

Personally I really like the feel of all of these – most of them are incredibly "arty" – the kind of thing that you would see as a video installation at the Tate Modern, rather than cable TV.  The idea of breaking the screen into four is that it echoes the cross in Canal +, the + being a positive symbol. This simple graphic device creates a family relationship but allows for each channel to have its own identity.

Canal plus core channel & sport idents from Tim Rabjohns on Vimeo.

For the core channel the content was taken from the "real" world (as opposed to the "imagined" world – but treated through the Canal+ perspective.

I love the look of the +Sports channel (shot using a new technique of
‘moving time-slice’ with 80 cameras on single rig) – it's the closest thing I have seen to animating a Francis Bacon painting, and to think that this is available to view on a mainstream cable channel is amazing.  Richard Holman, creative director on this project, told me that all the executions took a bit of experimentation, and that the whole project took 12 months from start to finish.  I think you can see why – none of this imagery is off the shelf by any means.
canal plus family & cinema idents from Tim Rabjohns on Vimeo.

For  Cinema  they used old 16mm film which was then treated and put through  a gate (inspired by the work of Stan Brakhage) and then run thought filters in After FX.

To me the  +FAMILY idents look like colourful Futurist animations where every shape has its own sound – something you rarely see in idents. +DECALE is a ‘remix’ of the audio and vision from the core channel.
Canal plus Decal idents from Tim Rabjohns on Vimeo.

Finally he said that he got to spend a lot of time in France which allowed him to get to get to know the client really well and to develop a new identity for one of the most iconic networks in Europe (as well as get through a lot of Bordeaux – well, who wouldn't?)

Client: Olivier Schaack, Director of creative services CANAL+
Olivier Degrave, Manager of On Air Design CANAL+ France
Creative Director: Richard Holman,
Art Director: Dan Eatock, - artist/graphic designer with a very unique vision.
Design Director: Grant Gilbert,
Producer: Lucy Hunt
CORE:Director: Lee Edwards
SPORT:Director: Grant Gilbert – senior dir
CINEMA:Editor: Lifelong Friendship Society, Design: Grant Gilbert
FAMILY:Designers: Lifelong Friendship Society

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