Monday, October 26, 2009

Blac Ionica

I'm happy to say that some people are asking me when the next post is coming out, or why havn't I posted in a while – so I'm glad people are paying attention – if anyone wants to add to what I say – let's hear it!

Anyway back to Blac Ionica – the design/film company with the strangest name. I met up with Jon, Tim & Chris in Shoreditch the other day – they insist that the name was mainly chosen for it's phonetic properties and the fact it occurs high up in the alphabet! The funniest part, I think, is that they have a wall of misspellings – where people have sent letters or packages with strange versions of their name ( I'm, sure there's a separate website in there somewhere)

Blac Ionica are very busy boys – they are represented for advertising work by Another Film company (headed by Jeff Stark) as well finding stop motion/animation and live action work for themselves. They have done a lot of work with Devilfish (see my previous post on Devilfish and their augmented reality pop promo) and various other branding agencies. IMHO they have a great style and a lot of skill in what they do. No wonder they were picked to work on an ad for the PSP Go with Love Creative(Manchester) recently

pspGO from Blac Ionica on Vimeo.

All the ad work on their site and Vimeo page is very slick, but I also like their title sequences for Russel Howard and Russel Brand's shows - there is a real energy in their ideas despite the inevitable lower budgets - They obviously have a lot of fun with this 2D/3D style of animation. I'm sure we'll be hearing more from these guys soon

Russell Howard's Good News from Blac Ionica on Vimeo.

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