Wednesday, July 1, 2009

UKTV rebrand mini case studies part 2

Here's another bite at the giant fruit that is/was the UKTV nine channel re-brand that has just finished last week. I caught up with Kevin Hill (creative director) & Sophia Pendar-Hughes (exec producer) for more info.

Due to the large workload of this job he came up with a process of getting the creative thinking for each channel up and running as quickly as possible Kevin described it to me thus:
UKTV would provide a brief and then he would go away and come up with broad brush-strokes concepts and mood boards. His team would then be invited to pitch in with ideas of their own – as a single sentence to begin with. eg: "this channel is about giant eyeballs", or "this channel will be about a multi coloured union jack". They would then gather all the ideas together and identify the best shortlist for presentation. After a couple of rounds of concept tweaks, the client would approve one idea to go forward. At this stage, the design team would be assigned and the process of working out full execution across the idents and presentation system would begin. – Kevin was keen to stress that a lot of thought went into the name and the personality of each of the subsequent channels. Here are some of them:
Watch – also at - the one with the big inflatable eyeball. The idea here was to say that this is a mainstream entertainment channel which is fun and accessible, and definitely not pompous. The giant eyeball and the fact that it is called "Watch" subverts your expectation of what an entertainment channel should be.

G.O.L.D. – also at – stands for Go On Laugh Daily and is TV’s heart of comedy – more
focussed on pure comedy programs than before when they had a more 'general entertainment feel'. Visually this was done by giving it a more straight forward hand crafted look.
Eden also at Eden is a sumptuous looking nature channel – the idents have a dramatic feel – enhanced by the abstract shapes mingled in with the stunning footage of wildlife habitats and creatures. (you can tell it is making a serious play at tempting people from the Nat. Geo channel...)

What is also interesting is the amount of online presence each channel has – it makes total sense to me that if your remit is to make people more curious about your channel and make it some kind of destination - then there should be plenty of opportunity to explore it online. The BBC website has done this for years and there are many people who have it as their home page - so it's about time that other channels thought in a more multi-platform engagement. Anyway - you can tell they had a lot of fun working on these channels - as lots of personality comes through for each one.

Simon Crabtree – Designer/Director on G.O.L.D. & Eden, Nick Meikle – Designer/Director on Watch
Richard Sutton -
Designer on Watch & Eden, Claire Powell – Designer/Animator on G.O.L.D
Peter Kienetz – Designer on Eden, Luke Tilly – Designer/animator on Watch
Pryce Duncalf – Animator on G.O.L.D. idents, Teak Tse – Animator on G.O.L.D. brand film
Patrick Greene – Production Manager on G.O.L.D. & Eden, Liz Timms – Production Manager on Watch
Paul Coward – Production Co-ord on Watch, Victoria Stevenson – Production Co-ord on G.O.L.D & Eden

more credits and UKTV insights next time!

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