Monday, July 6, 2009

Cath Elliott /Little Giant Pictures

I briefly met with Cath Elliot last week - an energetic motionographer, five years out of college, who runs her own company doing animation, illustration and motion graphics - you can check out her portfolio on her website. She said that she started working for "serious" clients almost straight away after graduating from the RCA - clients like Imagination, Red Bee, BBC, Radiohead, MTV and Bermuda Shorts to name a few. What I liked about Cath's approach was that she is still doing quite arty projects as well as her commercial work. For example she has just completed a book for Willard Wigan - the insanely patient micro sculptor - check out this news report on him:
She's also making a video for Daisy Ginsberg - another RCA artist, explaining what her latest project Synthetic Kingdom is about. In a nut shell it looks at the research being made into replacing petrochemicals like plastics with artificially grown items from the plant organic kingdom. The example in the film is the making of a disposable cup from Keratin - the substance makes our finger nails, hair and hooves etc. On an environmental level this is a great idea.

At any rate - Cath is a busy lady and I'm sure we'll be hearing more of her soon.

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