Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thiago Maia – new short film - Recycle Invaders

This is the sort of thing I love for this blog – short films that design directors make by themselves. In this case it was made for a good cause – Challenge Your World 20/20 (in partnership with Motionographer) every year they challenge 20 video artists to get involved by creating 20 wild, whimsical, and unconventional machines that solve environmental issues.

In this case it made Thiago realise something driven by ideas and not a big budget – which is a good skill to learn these days!
The idea being that if we’re going to create a new world we have to challenge ourselves to think differently, which is exactly what these vids do – things that question the status quo.

Recycle invaders from Challenge Your World on Vimeo.

About Recycle Invaders
Thiago says" My imagination of a perfect world was the inspiration for my machine. It transforms paper back into trees (the reverse process performed by humans). Flying hands would come and collect the paper to feed the machine and plant the trees in the earth – doing the manual work for us. In reality, we need to do our part and help the environment by using less and recycling more." Through an online community, contests, and events, Challenge Your World connects emerging entrepreneurs to the resources and expertise they need to launch companies that restore the environment, contribute to society, and build a healthier economy.

If you would like to participate send an email to Julien Vallée at video@challengeyourworld.com. If any other of you have short films you want to mention on the blog let me know - tim@shriek-music.com

www.thiago.tv / www.crazylittlemonkey.tv

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