Monday, June 22, 2009

Good Food channel launch - last of 9 channel rebrands

Well, today is a special day for Kevin Hill at Redbee media. The last of the nine UKTV channels for which he was creative director, goes on air. The biggest re-brand job in Europe that has taken 18 months has come to end.

Apart from a personal interest in The Good Food channel which launches today (shriek composed music for the four idents) I was interested in the whole creative journey that Kevin and his team had been on.
I will go into more details in a series of posts in the next few weeks (I won't bombard you with big chunks of info!), however, as far as I know the journey started with the re-brand of Dave .

David Abraham, CEO at UKTV came up with the idea of refreshing what used to be called UKTV G2 – it was felt that it had some great content, but did not really have a very distinct personality. The idea of using a common name "Dave" came from UKTV and then collaboration with Red Bee resulted in the strap line "the home of witty banter" - from there Kevin started to think about the personality of the channel - and how that would translate visually.

Since the "Dave" visual break through - this thinking was extended to all the other nine channels i.e."what is their personality and how is this translated in to an on-screen execution?" Personally I think all the channels have a much more human feel now, focusing less on graphic solutions and more on people. Good Food is probably the least changed of all the channels - there are four scenarios - Dinner Party, Stir Fry, Wild Food and Sunday Roast . All executions show people enjoying and enthusing about food in some way, directed by James Hutchinson. However Kevin explained that the UKTV food channel is intended as a mass-appeal channel and was already one of the most successful, so the positioning didn't need to be changed so much.
Watch "Dinner Party", "Wild Food", "Sunday Roast" and "Stir Fry" on Youtube

credits: RedBee creative director- Kevin Hill/design director - James Hutchinson/exec producer Sophia Pendar-Hughes/production managing Patrick Greene and Caroline Muhlich.

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