Friday, June 19, 2009

Clever stuff from Devilfish...

For those of you looking to stay ahead of the curve with cool ideas in motion graphic design – look no further. Devilfish have come up with a great use for a new technology. They approached Columbia records with an idea for a pop promo for Julian Peretta.

They came up with the idea to use a technology developed by Art Tool Works. Before you watch the vid, you print out a special tracker image that you hold up to your computer's webcam. It sounds weird, but when you watch the video the images appear to leap out from your screen – as if in 3D, but better – the effect is somewhat akin to holding a pop-up book. Then if you move the tracker page around all the perspectives change - it's very interactive.
You can watch a video of somebody watching the video here, or even better print off the tracker and try it for yourself – it's amazing!
Apart from the clever technology - I really liked the design - it looks a bit like lots of cut out bits of card animated - quite a primitive feel really - but that lends the whole thing an air of innocence that counterbalances the clever visual trickery - very watchable! Music wasn't bad too!

The tracker looks like this

"We used a combination of Flash and Papervision to create the 3d scenarios," explains Devilfish. "This was then developed in Augmented Reality, which uses Flash, your webcam and a special printed "icon" (tracker) to create a fully immersive, interactive video."
They call it "Augmented Reality",

Devilfish came up with the idea and then they went to
Chris,Tim and John at London based design studio Blacionica to design the pop-up book designs. Zerofractal Studios animated the video, developed the groundbreaking Augmented Reality experience and created the accompanying interface.

The icon/tracker will be handed out as part of a flyer at dates on Julian's tour supporting Girls Aloud. It can also be downloaded from Julian Peretta’s website where you can also watch / experience the video. You'll need Flash 10 and a webcam for it to work to its full potential! Hopefully we'll see some more clever stuff like this soon...

Creative director for Devilfish Digital: Matt Cole, Devilfish producer: Kate Bush Design: Blacionica Developers: Zerofractal Studios

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